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Africa Adventure Academy - your helping hand in sustainable and responsible tourism development


Knowledge, Tools & Tips for Tourism Professionals to get and retain more business

Skills Development

To keep up with latest developments in the tourism industry is the single most important factor to sustainable business success and requires permanent skills development and the use of latest technology.

A well educated team provides the company with a streamlined work flow, efficient use of resources, reduced operational costs and happy customers which results in an incredible advantage over competitors.

The Africa Adventure Academy offers professional training with a number of workshops and seminars which are enhanced by comprehensive training materials.

Management Courses

  • Business Planning incl. creation of a successful business plan
  • Marketing Planning incl. creation of a successful marketing plan
  • Business Administration, Human Resources and Occupational Health
  • Customer Relationship Management

Skills Development Courses

  • Sales, Marketing and Customer Care
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
  • Effective Teamwork and Time Management
  • Online Marketing, Social Networking, Newsletters and Blogs
  • Website maintenance with Content Management System (CMS)
Skills Development


Everything the Africa Adventure Academy offers on skills development is available as outsourced services to enable smaller companies and sole proprietor to focus on their core business.

Marketing, in particular, is one of the most used services with a large variety of applications.

Online Marketing

  • Development, hosting and maintenance of websites
  • Implementation of a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Online positioning in Social Media Networks
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Web Applications for newsletters, blogs and online reservations

Traditional Marketing

  • Responsive Corporate Identity (CI) design
  • Management of customer information and databases
  • Targeted advertising campaigns in international media
  • Creation of promotional material such as brochures and business cards

General Business IT & Software

Today, no business can survive without computer, we all agree to that. The big question is what software to use to rationalise processes, attend to clients needs and keep books for cost control. Time is of the essence and savings can be achieved by using compatible systems or "all in one solutions".

As a small business, software investments can easily exceed the allocated budget. The Africa Adventure Academy assists in finding the right solution for a specific task or problem. Rest assured that we do offer quality training and helpful support to all our products.

IT & Software solutions for

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Subscription based mailing campaigns
  • Bookkeeping, Orders and Invoicing
  • General Business Administration
General Business IT & Software

Specialised Tourism IT & Software

Inventory management, allocation of rooms and seats, group bookings and efficient itinerary planning are one of the many tasks tourism business have to face on a daily base. Add to this changing client requests, daily availability updates and complicated international payment procedures and anyone would be lost.

Luckily, the competent team of the Africa Adventure Academy has a solution for every task and years of experience in the South African tourism industry. Our clients are supported from implementation of the software to initial training accompanied by easy to understand user manuals. The friendly help desk assists with daily queries and trouble shooting.

Specialised Tourism IT & Software for

  • Accommodation establishments
  • Tour operators & Travel Agents
  • Tourist attractions & Activity providers
  • Tourism offices & Travel Directories
  • Destination Marketing and Management Organisations
Specialised Tourism IT & Software

“German Tourism Insights”

The Africa Adventure Academy offers a unique insight to the German speaking tourism market as the management team includes a number of German tourism professionals.

Years of experience in destination marketing as well as in the travel and hospitality industry is combined with formal education in business economics, business administration and tourism management as well as in communication and design.

All seminars are designed around cultural understanding and include "How to do business with German companies" guidelines. Business etiquette, acceptable communication and applicable travel regulations and laws are discussed and supported by comprehensive workbooks.

“German Tourism Insights”

Africa Adventure Academy Network

As a member of Africa Adventure you have access to the tourism network of like minded tourism players where you can ask questions, share ideas and help others to learn from your experiences.

This knowledge exchange between the members combined with research and information published by the Africa Adventure Academy results in a big competitive advantage in the otherwise harsh business environment and ensures that YOU ARE ONE STEP AHEAD!

Africa Adventure Academy Network